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What Makes us Different?

Gluten Free Emergency Kits are created and manufactured by a Celiac, for Celiacs, and are tested to ensure they are gluten free. We take pride that our products test under 5ppm and made in a dedicated Gluten Free factory.

We proudly produce our products by hand using only the highest quality dried, non GMO, and all natural ingredients offered on the market.  Offering hearty, great tasting , family sized products that are healthy. Many products are Soy free, Dairy Free, Peanut tree, Vegetarian, Trans Fat Free, Low Sodium, and ALWAYS Gluten Free. No MSG, coloring, dyes, or additives to our products.

Products are sealed using Mylar bags containing oxygen absorbers.  The average shelf life for each product is 15 years, when stored properly. Because they are hand packaged as we get orders,this gives the client best dating on shelf life. 

What makes us different?

Every order is customer made as we get the order to ensure full shelf life of our products. Many orders are customer done due to clients allergies. We work with our customers to ensure your personal allergy needs. Please email us with special dietary orders and we will call you back within 24 hours.

Unlike other long-term food storage companies we offer the largest variety of meals, soups, baking mixes and products Celiacs need to maintain their diets. Yes beans, Gluten Free grains, and Gluten Free pasta is great for storage, but complete meals are needed as well.

Gluten Free Emergency Kits also offer a line of mixes that are not complete to allow people with other allergy issues to add their own dairy or egg replacement and are great for Celiac Vegans as well. All of our mixes have a 15 year shelf life and can be used everyday as well for great tasting meals.

Gluten Free Emergency Kits goal is to provide healthy Gluten Free meals for any type of emergency.