UPDATE : Please know that all products ship in 7 -10 days from order and they are shipped 2nd Day Air by USPO. Every order is hand packged and made to order so you get full shelf life. If we custom blend any kit shipping could be up to 30 days. When ordering Please put in messages if you would perfer no mixes with dairy and we will make sure your kit is dairy free. For all other allergies please email us and we will work with you on food needs. We do blend vegan mixes as well. Our company requires a signature on all packages.

Welcome to the first Gluten Free Emergency Kit and long-term gluten free survival food storage website. We stand as the industry's leading provider providing gluten-free emergency kits. All of our products are GMO Free.Soy Free, Peanut Free, and Gluten Free Made in a deciated Gluten Free factory. Gluten Free Emergency Kits realizes disasters can strike anywhere at any time. Just as you would save money for emergencies, having a gluten-free emergency food kit handy is just as important in the event of a catastrophy where food is difficult (or impossible) to get. If you or a loved one has celiac disease, you need a gluten free supply of food to survive. Here at Gluten Free Emergency Kits we make ready-made kits to ensure there is enough food for you and your family to survive. We carry a variety of gluten free emergency survival kits that can last you from one day or up to a year.

We carry a wide variety of gluten free survival food and invite you to take a look at the many different gluten free survival food kits we carry.

We proudly produce our products in the USA using only the highest quality dried, non GMO, and all natural ingredients offered on the market. We buy local for many of our ingredients and support local businesses. Offering hearty, family sized products that are easy to prepare, great tasting, and healthy. Many products are Soy free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Peanut Free,Trans Fat Free, Low Sodium, and ALWAYS Gluten Free. No MSG, coloring, dyes, or additives to our products.

Products are sealed using 5.4 mill Mylar bags containing oxygen absorbers. The average shelf life for each product is 15 years, when stored properly. 24 Hour Gluten Free Emergency Kits | 72 Hour Gluten Free Emergency Kits 30 Days Gluten Free Emergency Kits | 1 Year Gluten Free Emergency Kits

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